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Kalliotis company operates the elevators since 1989 , signing booths and lift doors High quality and aesthetics. With rates expertise , consistency and years of experience , the company has established itself as one of the fastest growing and most competitive production units based in Northern Greece .

The dynamics and flexibility to work Kalliotis continues with the relocation of the company to new facilities owned 3000 sq.m. in the industrial area of Thermi 2010.


On new installations , inter alia, installed a sophisticated electrostatic painting , offering the best of both in workmanship and in time delivery .


New installations, modern machinery , enhanced computerization and well trained staff . The company Kalliotis has the power to provide integrated solutions across the spectrum of the lift . Both products as services and after sales support , always gave the best quality , price and time .

Since 2011 the company commences the production and sale of this lift doors design and production, whole on company premises in Thermi Thessaloniki. In 2012, the development continues by designing and producing operating panels of all types, and with another strategic move, a branch opens in Athens for the customer service of the company in southern Greece.

The company can Kalliotis and leads the way , with dynamism , flexibility and emphasis on man and the environment Designing and Generating FULL PRODUCT all of the systems company, based in and supported the Greek productive and scientific dynamics .

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